ISW Cloud Offerings Support HCL Domino, Verse, & Connections

ISW is a Global HCL Managed Service Provider

Are you using IBM Cloud Offerings, Connections, Smartcloud, Notes or Verse? 

IBM and HCL have announced that from July 2020, IBM Collaboration Cloud including Connections, Smartcloud, and Notes, will be retired. This means that customers will need to move their data to a new cloud provider before current cloud hosting ceases. 

About Us

ISW has been selected by HCL as a Global HCL Managed Service Provider to take over from SmartCloud Notes & Connections Cloud which is being retired July 2020.

We are a multi-award winning Australian software and technology firm focused on delivering innovative and intelligent business technology solutions to our customers globally. 

Our cloud business started in 1996, long before the technology was known as 'Cloud'. We were one of the first companies in the world to offer Domino 4.5 hosted. We are also a leading expert in hosting and managing HCL Connections with cloud deployments since Connections 2.5. Since then, we launched a dedicated brand for our Cloud practice, Cloud42. With the motto of providing 'Everything Cloud',

Cloud Offerings to meet your governance needs


Unlike SmartCloud Notes which is a shared multi-tenant solution, ISW’s hosted Domino is 100% dedicated to your company.

Our hosted Domino mail includes:

  • Your own exclusive Domino V11 mail server cluster
  • All required HCL Licensing for mail, or mail & apps
  • Download rights for the HCL Notes v11 client software
  • Traveler for mobile access from iOS & Android devices
  • Verse modern browser mail interface
  • Anti-spam/anti-virus/anti-malware services (optional if you provide your own)
  • 50GB of storage per user
  • Backups

Single Tenant Private Cloud is available NOW! Start your migration immediately.



Like the current Connections Cloud, our hosted Connections platform is a secure multi-tenant cloud service.

Our Connections Cloud includes:

  • HCL Connections – Secure Multi-Tenant Cloud
  • Homepage, Profiles, Communities, Search
  • Files, Activities PLUS, and Kudos Boards (option)
  • Bookmarks, Wiki’s Blogs, Forums
  • Sametime chat and presence awareness
  • Connections Customizer
  • Mobile Apps for Connections & Plugins
  • Buzzy Apps for Connections (option)

Available MARCH 2020! We are working with HCL now to plan your migration.

General FAQs

Why should I choose ISW as my MSP ?
Since being announced as one of the early HCL MSP partners, we have been working closely with HCL to ensure that customers migrating off IBM SmartCloud can do so smoothly and securely by end of service date. You can feel confident that we offer a secure and safe Cloud environment along. 


How can I find out more?
Use the enquiry form on this page to contact us. We will be in touch to set up a call to discuss your requirements and how we can support you with with our cloud offerings. 


When does IBM shut down their Cloud environment?
IBM has announced that they will shut down their Cloud in July 16 2020.


Do you have a timeline for when you can start hosting us?
Yes, For HCL Domino & HCL Verse mail, we can start migrating today. We can begin migration of HCL Connections Cloud customers in March 2020.


Do we require a minimum number of users?
No. We support all sizes of businesses, from small medium business through to enterprise. 


Will users who have already been migrated suffer a performance issues while new users are migrated to cloud?
No. We have many years experience of migrating users. Maintaining high performance is our top priority. 


Can the replication be scheduled for night time?


Which web services will ISW utilise for Notes or Verse Mail?
Amazon Web Services


I use the mobile apps today for Connections and Verse email. Can I continue doing that?

Licencing FAQs

Can I give different users different levels of service? e.g. Can I provide some users with HCL Connections Social and others with HCL Connections Engagement Center? Can I have some users with HCL Domino & HCL Verse Mail and others with HCL Domino & HCL Verse Mail and HCL Domino Applications? Can I have different numbers of users with Collaboration vs Email


I currently have Dual Entitlement and I use "Service Only" Email hosted on IBM Connections Cloud. What service will I move to?
HCL Domino & HCL Verse Mail


I currently have Dual Entitlement and I use "Hybrid" Email using my Domino Registration/Administration Server(s) (optionally with Rooms and Reservations) with Email hosted on IBM Connections Cloud. Apart from system databases I do not have any Domino Databases. What service will I move to?
HCL Domino & HCL Verse Mail. You will no longer need to host your own Domino Server(s). The entire Domino Directory Domain will reside on the Managed Server Provider Cloud complete with your dedicated Rooms and Reservations service.


I currently have Dual Entitlement and I use "Hybrid" Email using my Domino Server (with Rooms and Reservations) and I host Domino Applications on my on-premises Domino Servers. I do not wish to move my on-premises Domino Applications to a Cloud Service. I have Email hosted on IBM Connections Cloud. What service will I move to?
HCL Domino & HCL Verse Mail and Applications. The licensing provided as part of your HCL Domino & HCL Verse Mail and Applications subscription enables you to run your Domino Applications in the cloud, however if you still want to provision on-premises applications you will require separate licensing for that component. Please talk to us for details.


I currently have Support and Maintenance licensing (S&S) for my on-premises environment. Can I move to your Cloud?
Yes. You can take up the subscriptions that best meets your needs. If your requirements are entirely met by our Managed Service Provider Cloud service you may not need to continue your Support and Maintenance licensing (S&S) at your next renewal. You should consult with HCL or your Business Partner to determine your future S&S requirements (if any).


I previously purchased an IBM or HCL Software license but Support and Maintenance (S&S) has lapsed. Can I move to your Cloud service?
Definitely! We would love to provide you with a fully supported service.


I have IBM Connections Cloud Licensing: Which Cloud Service should I select?
Here are the closest services for each of the IBM Connections Cloud services:
IBM Connections Cloud S1 = HCL Connections Social plus HCL Domino & HCL Verse Mail
IBM Connections Cloud S2 = HCL Connections Social
IBM Connections Social Cloud = The nearest service is HCL Connections Social
IBM Connections Social Cloud Basic = The nearest service is HCL Connections Social


Is it going to be an option to “mix” types of users for the same customer , as we did it with IBM (for example 500 Verse users + only 100 of Connections users under the same customer number)?
Yes, mixing user types will be possible.


I have a contract containing Connections Cloud offerings, and I’m actively using the Cloud. Can I renew or extend my term?
Yes, you can execute a one-time contract extension up until the end-date of July 15, 2020. You can also request to end your contract earlier, if you have completed your migration off the Connections Cloud platform.


My contract expires on December 31, 2020, can I continue to use Connections Cloud until that date?
No. The Connections Cloud service will be shut down on July 16, 2020. You should complete your migration off Connections Cloud before the end-ofservice. Please contact to amend your contract to end July 15, 2020 (or earlier). IBM will relieve future billings scheduled after the end-of-service date, or refund your pre-paid contract for the unused portion of the term pending verification and approval by their contracts team. If you complete your migration off Connections Cloud earlier than July 15, 2020, IBM have indicated that they will adjust your contract and payments, accordingly.


Who do I contact to complete the contract extension?
IBM is fulfilling one-time contract extensions for companies actively using the Cloud service, under a managed service agreement with HCL. Please send an email to to work with a contract specialist regarding the details of your contract.


What contract lengths does ISW offer? 
1, 2, and 3 year commitments. 


Is there an option to get an additional discount if the customer make an upfront payment for all the year?
The pricing for the various options are based upon an upfront annual payment for the service (for 1, 2 or 3 year terms). We do offer monthly payment option for those terms but this is at additional cost.


What will it cost to have HCL Connections or HCL Domino & HCL Verse email in your cloud? Will it differ from what I pay today?
We strive to offer our customers a competitive price for our services matching the quality we provide. Depending on the contract you have with IBM the price can differ.


Technical FAQs

What does the migration pathway look like? 
Complete the Contact Us form on this page we will send you your own copy of our migration guide.


How about upgrades and backups? Will I always have the latest version of the software, and is my data safe?
We will keep your Connections environment up to date with the latest version. Your data will also be backed up accordingly and is safe and secure.


Will IMAP and SMTP be supported?
IMAP and SMTP will be supported on the assumption mail needs to be accessed via the desktop client.


Are you GDPR compliant?
Yes, we fulfil all GDPR regulations.


Are you going to support Mail Support for Microsoft Outlook Services?
IMSMO will not be supported by our standard offering. Please contact us for a specific offering if you need this. We are able to provide this as an additional service.


Will you offer spam and anti-virus protection for Verse email?